26 Nov 2015

PUMPA shoots new jam videos for ‘Sydney Traffic’

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So I’ve got a new album launching early in the New Year and the first single to drop will be a track called ‘Sydney Traffic’. As the title suggests, it’s a song born out of my utter frustration about driving round Sydney at present. (Of course, as always, I have a little fun with it!)

New single and videos to give pollies a kick up the proverbial

Sydney Traffic_Video

PUMPA, ‘Fingers’ & ‘Horse’ film the first Sydney Traffic Video

Did you know that for three years now, Sydney has been rated as among the Western world's worst cities for traffic congestion? We’re the seventh worst, in fact, sitting just behind the daily traffic snarl that is Los Angeles!

The ‘winning city’ for choked up roads is Moscow, followed by Istanbul, Warsaw, Marseille, Palermo and Los Angeles. Sydney was ranked next… meaning we’re worse that Stuttgart, Paris and Rome! (Not something to be proud of I’m afraid.) And we’re by far the worst in Australia for traffic congestion, well ahead of the other capital cities.

Traffic jam on dual carriageway A3 Surrey UK

In fact, a 2013 report stated that trips across our fair city take on average, 33 per cent longer during peak-hour periods than they do with a clear run. And that’s two years before the current mess with traffic banned from parts of the CBD!

Well I’ve had enough of this bumper-to-bumper bedlam… and I aim to put a stop to it. So I’ll soon be launching a new web site dedicated to this issue, which will contain an evolving list of the worst blackspots in Sydney. You’ll also find amazing Traffic Facts (did you know there are 57 sets of traffic lights travelling south on Pittwater Road, between Dee Why and the Sydney Harbour Bridge?) and be able to vote on Sydney’s worst Traffic Signs and Intersections.

I’m also hitting the roads with my bandmates ‘Fingers’ and ‘Horse’ and recording just how long it takes to proceed through various nefarious intersections around town… and we’ll then upload these videos to the new site too. Of course, all this will be set to the soundtrack of my new album.

We’ve already recorded a journey through the notorious Pacific Highway / Fullers Road intersection at Chatswood, which took us an incredible 19 minutes at 10am on a week day morning! Mind you, being stuck in that jam had it’s good points… (amazing what you see when the Pacific Highway grinds to a halt!).

Car_girl with logo

Now we’re taking our camera and heading to places like The Crescent at Rozelle, Silverwater Road, ANZAC Parade and South Dowling Street at Moore Park and Kent and Market Streets in the city. This series of videos could finally light a fire under politicians whose policies are directly contributing to the state of our roads.

I’m on a mission people... and God help anyone who gets in my way!

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