6 May 2016

Sydney Traffic campaign hits the highway

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Sydney desperately needs a strategic road plan to catch up with cities like London and Los Angeles and finally get our traffic-clogged city moving.

At the moment there’s no standard for the use of traffic lights versus roundabouts, no standard for road sign design and location and no model for the use of one way systems. The residents and taxpayers of Sydney deserve better… a lot better. There’s simply no strategic plan for the roads of NSW at a micro level.

Large roundabouts and complex one way systems have been in use in London for more than three decades. There’s research, there are reports, there is evidence of more effective ways to improve traffic flow, and yet in NSW, Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) seemingly ignore this research.

Amid all his grand infrastructure plans, quite simply it’s time for Mr Baird to make a plan that finally gets the traffic in our city flowing like it should.

I’ve been asking punters to visit a web site dedicated to this issue and vote for Sydney’s worst intersections, worst traffic signs, etc. So far, the ‘winner’ of worst intersection, hands down, is the junction of Warringah Road and Wakehurst Parkway at Frenchs Forest, where the new hospital is being built. They’d better fix that before ambulances start trying to cart critically ill or injured patients to emergency! In any case, visit the site and have your say – vote today!

In the meantime, my new album launched Monday May 9 and it features a track I’ve written called ‘Sydney Traffic’. Check out the video clip  and see what you think.


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