3 Jun 2016

SPECIAL EDITION: PUMPA drops NEW album ‘Get Phuked’ – Second Life Launch, ‘Punchen’ and more!

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PUMPA in Wonderland for new album launch party

To announce the arrival of his new album ‘Get Phuked’, PUMPA held a ‘virtual’ launch party shared by fans all over the world. ‘Guests’ explored new realities, took part in role playing, moved in a flash from glorious Thailand-themed outdoor settings to cool rooms inside, while all the while listening to ‘Get Phuked’ up loud.

2nd Life PUMPA AvatarI have to admit my PUMPA Avatar stripped a little younger and more ripped than the real thing, but that was all part of the fun. And I danced the night away with some of the most beautiful women I’d never seen.
Fans around the globe kept changing up the amazing experiences we were sharing. The vivid imaginations of PUMPA fans is simply incredible… exotic animals ran wild, famous people waltzed through the scene, fantasies of every description were lived out.2nd Life Party_2

Talk about ‘Through the Looking Glass’ – very trippy indeed. (Now to do it all again in real life!)

Surrender to the Splendour

the river_5In making ‘Get Phuked’, I’ve deliberately taken a break from the ‘Disco Punk’ style that first established PUMPA in the consciousness of fans and explored a range of styles and moods. I’m hoping not to experience a reaction from fans similar to the one Dylan faced on July 25, 1965, when he first performed live in ‘electric mode’ with a rock band at the Newport Folk Festival.

The River is all about surrendering to the splendour… whether that of nature or your lover, is open to interpretation. I urge all my listeners to “get in the river and flow to ecstasy”…  (trust me – it’s a beautiful place to be).

While ‘The River’ is definitely not the usual PUMPA fare, I loved making it and really think you’ll like it. Take a listen on iTunes.

A whole lotta women fighting over PUMPA?

Ronda-Rousey-v-Cat-ZinganoI could never imagine the incredible Ronda Rousey fighting over me. Well… that’s not entirely true. I actually can and do imagine that – hence the track on my new album called ‘Punchen’.

Really I’m just paying tribute to these amazing female athletes. The decision to bring women into the UFC wasn’t made until November 2012 and they debuted in February 2013. In three short years, the fighting ladies have made their mark in sports. When Sports Illustrated recently released their list of the Top 50 fittest female athletes in the world, four UFC fighters were among them.

So in ‘Punchen’ I’m both recognising their achievements and fondly remembering the times when women have fought over PUMPA. (It’s true!)

Enjoy the fight on iTunes.raquel_pennington_ufc



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