6 May 2016

It’s incredible that in some countries, being gay can get you jailed or worse, killed. I consider myself a citizen of the world, but this is one of the reasons I choose to live in Australia.

If there’s one thing that causes a traffic jam in our fair city that I don’t mind, it’s this amazing, iconic annual parade. As a proud resident of the Eastern Suburbs, I joined my mates, the boys and girls of the Bondi Lifesavers and danced down Oxford Street to help celebrate our vital community and support important issues like Marriage Equality.

So now it’s on to my appearance at this month’s SEXPO at the Hordern Pavillion, where I’m one of 40 brand new live stage acts. This year also sees a bigger and more diverse exhibitor range, amusements and rides and a mouth-watering line up of adult stars and industry celebrities. (Ah, it’s good to be alive.)

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