4 Dec 2015

From Brookie to Broadway with PUMPA

I first met Hugh Jackman at (of all places) Brookvale Oval a year or two ago when I was sitting with an injured Sonny Bill Williams watching my beloved Roosters take on Hugh’s Sea Eagles – (he’s Manly’s No. 1 fan). Introduced by a mutual friend, we got chatting at half-time and found we had a lot in common…. for a start, he pulls almost as many birds as me!

Helping Hugh through the throng of fans at his Sydney premiere on Monday night.

Helping Hugh through the throng of fans at his Sydney premiere on Monday night.

Hugh told me then that he’d be bringing a brand new one-man show to Australia late in 2015 and invited me to the industry premiere in Sydney. Of course I accepted, not thinking in a million years that he’d remember… but the Wolverine is true to his word and sure enough, last week I got a call and PUMPA was off to ‘From Broadway to Oz’!

Now I must admit I’m not much of a musical theatre kinda guy… but this is an autobiographical journey through Hugh’s life so far, from his early days in the outback to his vast musical theatre triumphs and to the first time he wielded the Wolverine claws in the blockbuster X-Men film franchise. I loved it!

Of course it helped having all the lovely ladies from the film, theatre and media industries there ogling Mr Jackman. But given he was there with wife Deborah, they just had to settle for PUMPA!

Hugh told me later that this is a show he’s always wanted to bring back home. It sure had the old Entertainment Centre rocking… (probably why they’re pulling it down.) What’s not to like? State-of-the-art lighting, sound and video production, a vast company of 150 musicians, singers, dancers and a choir, all topped off by my mate Jacko’s unsurpassed showmanship and infectious charm.

Seriously… check out ‘From Broadway to Oz’. I reckon it’ll surprise you, as much as it did me. (And in the meantime, I’ve promised Hugh a great seat in the stadium to watch the Roosters play the Sea Eagles next year when we’re the Home Team!)

Hugh Jackman_Broadway to Oz_2_Pumpa

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