10 Dec 2015

PUMPA goes south for Calypso Cricket Opener

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There’s a bit of me that still loves to hear the whack of willow on leather… especially when the bat is being wielded by those classic characters from the West Indies.

So this morning I hopped on a plane bound for Hobart where I’ll catch a few days of the First Test. Of course, it’s not just the cricket that’s exciting…the beautiful fans attracted by the Calypso Kings wherever they play makes the whole experience even more… attractive. And with an introduction to the inner circle from my old mate Sir Richard Benjamin Richardson (‘Richie Rich’ as I call him), I’m guaranteed a great time in Tassie!

Despite the critics writing them off, this inexperienced Windies team is, of course, here to play and give the Aussies a run for their money. But you can guarantee these flamboyant characters are also here to play (if you get my drift). You wouldn’t believe what it’s like to be in a nightclub with Richie, Brian Lara and Chris Gale… the eyes and mind just boggle!

 Brian Lara parties















Chris Gayle and friends









Brian Lara parties


Of course, Chris won’t be playing this Test as he recovers from a back injury and prepares for The Big Bash series, but his younger teammates aren’t much less magnetic when it comes to bowling maidens over. For a start, the Carib Beer Girls will no doubt be in town… and they are a lot of fun!









Naturally, I’ll be there more in the role of chaperone, keeping an eye on the fans and making sure things don’t get out of hand… (what could possibly go wrong)?














West Indian fan

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