Monthly Archives: December 2015

17 Dec 2015

Sydney Nightlife is PUMPING this Christmas

I spent a night out in Sydney this week and I can’t believe how much the place is pumping! It does my old black heart good to see people partying so hard. There are Christmas parties everywhere, spilling out from bars onto the streets… people wearing   More...

10 Dec 2015

PUMPA goes south for Calypso Cricket Opener

There’s a bit of me that still loves to hear the whack of willow on leather… especially when the bat is being wielded by those classic characters from the West Indies. So this morning I hopped on a plane bound for Hobart where I’ll catch a few days   More...

4 Dec 2015

From Brookie to Broadway with PUMPA

I first met Hugh Jackman at (of all places) Brookvale Oval a year or two ago when I was sitting with an injured Sonny Bill Williams watching my beloved Roosters take on Hugh’s Sea Eagles – (he’s Manly’s No. 1 fan). Introduced by a mutual friend, w  More...